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July 4th and The Expectations to Uncle Sam

Happy holidays for My American friends. Congratulations to the anniversary of USA Independence. I wish USA were better.

From this short post I want to raise my expectations regarding to the US chosen role on our planet.

  • I expect USA would stop finding bullshit reasons to destroy other civilization and society. We still remember USA’s reason to attack Iraq, that was because Iraq developing WMD. Bullshit reason that could not be proven by USA.
  • I expect USA would be able to prove that Al-Qaida was behind 9/11. No proof was delivered to us so far and it was too different with Indonesia that has been able to arrest the Bali Blast’s actor and sentenced them to death. Then USA, prove us that you has the most sophisticated intelligence on the world.
  • I expect USA would stop its terror against other civilizations and societies. Please stop terror Iranian’s for their nuclear energy development. If, at the end Iran is developing nuclear weapon, it is merely their right to develop because USA has nuke and so does Israel. Comparing to USA that has destroyed at least Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has not destroyed other civilization or society. Comparing to Israel that everyday kills Palestinians, Iran does not kill the Jews. USA killed almost 300 Iranian passengers of civil airplane and the sin commander was awarded honor medallion, Iran fired down no American civil airplane.

I think three expectations are too much to USA. If USA could fulfill my expectations, the world will be going to a real peace. Insya’ Allah.

The picture is taken from flickr.

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